Dress the Mannequin

Wafi Mall recently collaborated with Abu Dhabi Fashion Days for the Dress the Mannequin charity auction and exhibition to drive donations and contributions for the people in Gaza, held last October. “Dress the Mannequin” is the humanitarian side of Abu Dhabi Fashion Days and it is held twice a year, once each season. The reason is to highlight the creative minds living within the UAE and to support the needy as much as possible by auctioning the miniature mannequins and giving all the proceeds to charity.

Sumayyah Al Suwaidi, founder of the DTM had given the 40 artists small, nine-inch mannequin dolls to be dressed with artistic touch. The month-long exhibition was set to the grand Wafi Mall for all shoppers to enjoy and admire.

The collection of mannequins is still on display at the Wafi Mall until November 8th.